Tool for drug utilization  
This program offers assistance in individual dosing of drugs for patients with impaired renal function. Through dose adjustment, excessive drug accumulation, and thereby the risk of adverse drug reactions and unnecessary costs, may be reduced.
  Dose adjustment may be particularly important where  
  • the creatinine clearance of your patient is < 50 ml/min and
  • the Q0 value (extra-renally excreted fraction in case of normal renal function) of the drug is < 0.5.
  Please select the required drug (active agent) from the list: List of active agents  
Given that, on the one hand, the individual variability of pharmacokinetic parameters are large and, on the other hand, there is an increased risk of adverse drug reactions in patients with renal impairment, close monitoring of therapy is necessary, despite adjustments of the dosing regimen.
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